Not enough room

No matter how many pairs of shoes or clothes I own, I’ve always bought more, while maintaining there’s not enough room for me to house them all. Nonetheless, I always manage to clear out space, only to occupy it with my latest purchase(s). Although I’m not ready to purchase a home, I’ve been obsessing over my new build, and the ridiculous amount of space it’ll have. From the crown molding to the vaulted ceilings and acres upon acres of land, I can see myself in my dream home, but God sees me with so much more. In fact, He promised that my blessings will be so great and in abundance, there shall not be enough room for me to receive them all.

Are you starting to feel smothered, like you’re running out of space? If so, don’t fret. That just means that bigger blessings are on the way, so don’t worry about cleaning out what you do have to make room for what you don’t, because God’s going to give you more than what you need!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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