Upgrade your plan

From time to time, I’ll receive a text message from my phone service provider, offering me the ability to upgrade my phone plan. I always decline, because there’s nothing appealing or interesting about it, let alone beneficial. Because I’ve been such a loyal customer and always pay on time, I assume they are doing whatever they can to entice me to stay, yet at the same time, they’re driving me away. Although I do have a really great plan, I know there’s someone else who has better, and don’t mind giving it to me. Just imagine being comfortable and content with what you have, and then God comes along and upgrades your life plan. He knows that you’re are making due with what you have and are managing to get by, yet He wants to give you better, because you deserve it. As a result of your loyalty and faithfulness, He wants to reward you. Unlike the phone company who wants to give me less for more, God will give you way more than you’d ever expect.

Keep being loyal, faithful and obedient to God, and He will reveal His great plans to you.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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