Losing joy for the dream

“Sis, I don’t think Nursing is for me. I’ve always wanted to be one, but I can’t pass the entrance to get into college, no matter how much I try or apply,” were the words my church sister said to me on the phone. “How is it that something you’ve always dreamed of doing and have the passion for, no longer seems of interest to you?” I replied. She told me, “Honestly, I’ve been at this goal for years, and even though I feel very close, I still feel so far away. It’s like I’m losing joy for the dream, because it hasn’t come a reality yet.” Truthfully, I felt her pain and frustration, because there are so many dreams God has placed on the inside of me, and here I am 20 years later, still waiting for them to pass. Nonetheless, I’d rather them be delayed, than dead!

It’s easy to give up, when you are constantly met with no. However, if you quit now, you could be walking away from the career of your dreams. I’ve been dream chasing for years, and although I’m disappointed and impatient they haven’t come to fruition yet, I find joy in knowing they’re making their way to me! Don’t pass the dream up, because you can’t pass the test. Keep going until you do!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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