Coming out gold

Within the last couple of weeks, I’ve spent a great bit of time talking about the wilderness, being pruned, and refined. I’ve been led to speak extensively on these areas, because a lot of people are either in this stage of their lives, about to enter it, or leave out, and the last thing I want them to do, is leave out feeling no different than they did going in. More than likely, this will conclude my “wilderness series,” unless God compels me to write more. I’ve been binge watching a lot of YouTube videos from various prominent spiritual leaders and those that are not. Out of all the videos, the biggest commonality, was that many people think they are in the wilderness season as a result of something bad they’ve done, whether past or present.

I’ll be honest, I too was one of those people, until I realized I wasn’t being punished but prepared. Yes, I’m circling back to taking advantage of your seasons of preparedness, because if you aren’t ready for what you’ve been asking God for, He won’t give it to you. As much as I need my financial situation to change, I used to think I was ready for my multi-million dollar bank account, until God advised me I wasn’t correctly managing what I do have now. Listen, I didn’t want to hear that; all I wanted to hear was ka-ching! However, before I can get more, I have to learn to budget more. Besides, the last thing I need God to do is give me increase, only for it to decrease within a matter of days.

Throughout this process, I’ve learned more than anything, to not complain about what I’m going through, but to pray my way through it. Trust me, I know the last thing anyone wants to do is pray, especially when that’s all they’ve done, and still nothing’s change. However, have you considered Job, as God told the enemy. We all know what he went through, and we can definitely see from his story, he was tested tremendously. Although he cursed the day he was born, he never cursed God, but trusted that He’d get him through. Once the fiery trial was over, so was the refining process. Job 23:10 tells us, “But He knows where I am going. And when He tests me, I will come out as pure as gold” (NLT).

Don’t you think God knows where you’re going? After all, He’s leading you there. Just like He took Job through it, He’s going to do the same for you. The refining process for you is no where near as severe and harsh as Job’s, but like him, you too will come out gold. Times are hard, and if you give up now, that’s totally your choice. However, if you stay the course, you’ll be blessed with more than you had, but you’ve got to first trust the Source (God)!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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