Uncomfortable Growth

When people are uncomfortable with your growth, eventually they’ll go. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known them or the capacity in which you’ve known them, people will scatter once they see you climbing the ladder. As long as you’re equal you’re not any competition, because neither is ahead, but once the accolades and promotions come, they’ll bring you down rather than applaud you instead. I didn’t mean to make the first few lines rhyme, but my poetry side has a tendency of creeping in from time to time. I know, I just (unintentionally) did it again. 😊 As you embark upon the journey to your predestined place, you might notice your phone doesn’t ring as much, you don’t get as many party invitations like you used to, and some of your relationships (mainly friendships, but family too) will turn from warm to cold. When they do, there’s no need in grabbing more firewood, because the issue is not the flames, but the new person you became. Don’t you understand, growth brings about change?

It’s funny how people will reach a place of conveniency (at your expense) and not want to leave, but if I were you, I’d tell them, “Don’t get too comfortable, because my next level of increase, will make you quite uncomfortable.”

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

One response to “Uncomfortable Growth”

  1. People change yes, but there must be some who don’t, I hope so..😊


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