Pack your bags, we’re leaving Egypt

If you’re smart, when I advised you yesterday to pack your bags, you moved expeditiously and did as you were rightfully told. However, for those of you who couldn’t, not because of fear, but disbelief, I want to help you before you decide to overstay your welcome. You can’t stay in a place that is not conducive for living. The wilderness is not your residence or an extended stay, so quit trying to lay roots. Honestly, it’s somewhat like Physical Therapy. Normally, after a major surgery or accident, you might spend some time in PT, working to strengthen your body back to its original state, if not better than before. While there, you’re being stretched, pulled, shaped, and molded, to prepare you for a better quality of life. Can you see how the wilderness compares? Its agenda is the same, the only difference is, you aren’t told how long you’ll be there. You’re there until God says, “You’re ready,” not when you think you are.

This won’t apply to everyone, but for those it does, we’re leaving! Just so you’ll know, when we leave, we might not go to the promised land as immediate as we’d like. No matter how difficult it will be, we can’t go back, although we’ll probably want to. However, please understand that what what we had before, won’t be better than what we’ll receive afterwards.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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