Demo Day!

Last week, I spoke in depth about how God will deliberately lead and take you through the wilderness on purpose. While the operative word is through, I know people (including myself) who try to make their stay permanent. As a result of their disbelief and how long it’s taking them to reach their exodus, mentally they’ll start to build homes, by turning a temporary stay into permanent living. Well, I’ve got news for you (and me). Today is demo day! Whatever hut you’ve built thinking it would serve as your forever home, you need to think again! Take that bulldozer and demolish your negative thinking, complaining, and bitterness, because you are passing through and not staying behind. I don’t care how bad things appear, how uncomfortable or frustrated you are, you cannot stay here! God has so much more for you, and you’ll never see it, if you’re content on being where you are. Stop trying to figure out or worry about how you’ll get there. That’s God’s job and He’s already got it worked out. If you’re concerned about leaving people behind, don’t be. Your concern should be making it out of the dry land to the promised land, and I can promise you, it’ll be worth it. Enough obsessing and stressing. Pack your bags, we’re leaving Egypt!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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