Decreased for increase

Every time I look around and think I have it rough, I’m reminded who had it much worse, Job. I’ve read his story many times, and I often wonder how someone so blameless and dedicated to God, could lose everything he had, especially when he had done nothing wrong or bad. No one is exempt from trials, tribulations, and losses, and sometimes you have to lose to win again, which Singer and Songwriter Fantasia Barrino stated best. When we experience setbacks in life, it’s not to hold us down and stall us from getting ahead, but to prepare us for what lies ahead. We may never agree with God’s logic, decisions, or who He picks and chooses to go through the trenches or nothing at all. However, God sometimes decreases us so He can increase us! Rest assured that whatever He took away, He plans to replace it with something much better and far more valuable. In other words, He’ll give you double for your trouble. You’re not going through what you are for no reason; it’s all for His purpose and plan, that will soon be fulfilled.

Chances are, if you’re going through a lot, it’s because you are about to be given a lot more! Remember, the bigger the fight, the higher the heights. Get ready to be propelled and to excel!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

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