Closing the gap

I’ve been dwelling on the subject of disappointment with God, because I know a lot of people, aside from myself, have been filled with it. There were days I’d be angry and upset with God and my situation, that I’d intentionally neglect my alone and prayer time with Him. Within a matter of months, things went from bad to worse, as prayer was no longer a priority, but an option. Hey, at least I’m honest enough to say it. I was in dire straits, and the very person I knew could help me, had suddenly become my enemy. As each day passed without any intervention or change, I took a step further away from God. This continued for weeks until I realized not only had I gone too far, I was driven there. All the lies and negative thoughts the enemy fed me, I foolishly believed. “He knows you’re struggling, so why hasn’t He done anything about it?” The enemy would taunt me. However, I was too weak and defenseless to see past the lies, let alone fight back. The more he wedged himself between me and God, the wider the gap became. However, after having enough, I decided to close it, and that’s what you’re going to have to do.

The enemy preys upon us particularly when we’re weak because he knows we’ve temporarily let our guard down, rendering us unequipped to fight, and when you find yourself in situations like the ones I have, fighting is what you’ve got to do! The Bible instructs us not to give a foothold to the devil because when we do, he’ll only use it to distance us from God. I don’t care how upset, angry, or disappointed you are with God, don’t let the enemy get in between your relationship with Him! Sometimes it’s easier to believe the lies because you don’t see any change, but remember the enemy is a slimy, poisonous snake. If you’re not careful, one bite from him could cause an infection, which could take years to clean.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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