Did you hear me?

The Bible tells us that God says, “My sheep hear my voice, and they know me?” However, have you ever wondered if He hears or knows yours? He should, after all, considering you’ve called, prayed, and cried out to Him over a million times. When you’re in a waiting season, it can be difficult, draining, and depressing, sitting still, while waiting for God to move. When your prayers have gone unanswered for years, your mind might immediately question, “What did I do wrong?” “Does God not love me?”  “Why is God punishing me?” There’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed if this has been your thought process because truthfully, it’s been mine too. Rather than see our waiting period as an opportunity, we instead treat it as a life sentence, always wondering when and if we’ll ever “get out,” as opposed to getting something out of it. Either way, it can be lonely being alone in the wilderness, crying and shouting for relief, while thinking, “God, did you hear me?” To answer, yes, He did, and when the time is right, He will answer you!

Nothing you’re experiencing is a form of punishment or happenstance; it was all done on purpose.

Until next time my NOTE takers! Deetra La’Rue 

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