Not worth the H8

This guy I befriended a couple of years ago, turned out to be anything but a friend. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the details, and myself the ability to relieve them. More than a year ago, during one of the last times we communicated, he asked, “You hate me, don’t you?” Based upon his question, I’m sure you could gather things didn’t end well for us, but I’m just thankful that they ended. After pondering for a while, I replied, “No. You’re not worth the hate.” I felt good about my response and better about myself, because for once in my life, I decided to no longer exert any unnecessary energy on something or someone, I should say, especially if it would cost me. Think about it, when you elect to hate, it comes at a price to you. It’ll cost you your peace, your joy, your time, your mental health, your unwillingness to forgive, and most of all, your energy. I don’t know about you, but after years of giving people everything they’ve wanted, I decided to give myself what I desperately needed; release from them. Have you ever considered you should do the same?

When you H8 someone, they take a lot away from you, which is what they’re accustomed to doing anyway. However, don’t continue to allow them to. #choosenottoH8

Until next time my NOTE takers! Deetra La’Rue

3 responses to “Not worth the H8”

  1. What you are discussing, Deetra, illustrates a saying that the poison you wanted for others, you drink when you hate. The other person is not affected but you are. It destroys one’s health and makes one very bitter. Forgiveness means to release the offense. Then you can sleep well and enjoy life.


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    1. Thank you, as I am learning to let go and forgive!

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      1. You are welcome! Jesus the Forgiver who lives inside of you will help you forgive, as you rely on him. Blessings!

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