Preparing for now

Yesterday, I spoke on how difficult and tiring it can be to continuously be told “not yet.” I know God’s plan is never our own, and could it be, that things haven’t happened for us, because He’s either preparing us for it, or it for us? I’m almost 40, and like you, I’ve been waiting on God for a very long time to answer a lot of prayers. You might have been waiting longer than I have, but nonetheless, the uncomfortable, agonizing waiting period, is only pruning, positioning, and preparing us for the blessings that are about to take place now! We’ve incessantly prayed, waited, begged and no doubt pleaded with God to answer us, and I believe 2022 is “now” the appointed time for getting those answers. Not only are we about to see prayers come to life, we’re about to see favor, increase, provision, expansion, but most of all, we’re about to see the hand of God move! A lot of times, we can’t see God’s hands working, because ours is in the way. However, when we move, so will He!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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