Move on

Last week, my apartment’s office manager reached out to me, to advise of the tenant’s checklist, which consisted of “things to do,” prior to the end of my lease. I have been extremely excited to end my time staying here but considering that I’ve just started a new job last week and don’t want to stress or deal with the hassle of packing, I instead chose to renew for another year. Sadly, the office manager informed me my unit has been pre-leased, and I’d have to be out by 2/14. Initially, I was extremely upset, because I didn’t believe for one minute my unit was “suddenly” pre-leased, and two, I wasn’t looking forward to gearing up to move. Besides, I wanted to lease a little longer, to allow more time for me to save for my mansion.

As my anxiety kicked in, I quickly realized, God was kicking me out! My stay there was temporary and not only was it time for me to go, but it was time for me to move on. If I ever wanted to get the mansion of my dreams, I’d have to leave where I am, which is something most of us don’t want to or fail to do. We can become so comfortable and complacent with our lives, and resist change, not realizing that in order for us to live the lives we want, we often have to give up the things God no longer wants for us. When I moved in 20 months ago, it was what God wanted for me, and now that my season is changing, so is my location. I’m ready for bigger, anticipating better, and looking forward to being wowed, all the things I know God can and is about to do!

No matter what’s involved, your feelings, a relationship, job, or physical location, when God tells you to move on, stop resisting, and get going!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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