In recovery

More than 5 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer, but Glory be to God, she beat it. I remember being with her in the hospital the day of her surgery, anxiously praying and waiting for any updates from the Doctor. After what seemed like forever, he finally called me to the back, and stated they were able to get all of the cancer, but was unable to save her kidney, thus leaving her with only one. I was upset by the news, but quickly relieved, because the cancer was fully gone, even if one of her kidneys was too. After briefing me on her surgery, he stated she was now in recovery, and would allow me and my Aunt (her sister) to see her soon. I can remember going into her room with tears in my eyes, happy she was alive and cancer free, but also looking forward to her getting well. Although she wasn’t there for very long, while in recovery, she regained her strength and was released in better shape than she did going in.

You might not be in a life-changing situation like my mother once was, but whatever you are going through or coming out of, God is about to place you in recovery. You’re about to recover everything you’ve lost. You’re about to recover everything the enemy has taken from you, plus more. God is using your recovery to prepare you for what’s coming next, because it’s going to take all the strength you have, to do His will. Your resting period is almost over, so get ready to be released! Take “note,” because you are about to be in the best shape of your life!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue  

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