If you’re one of those people who have done wrong, and believe all hope is gone when it comes to you getting anything better in life, I have news for you. The God of 2nd (sometimes 3rd and 4th) chances is about to reboot your life and grant you a do over. What you’ve done in the past might matter to others, but to Him, it matters not. While people have a tendency of holding you hostage to the things you’ve done, God has freed you from them. Any shame, doubt, or feelings of disgust you have towards yourself as a result of the poor decisions you’ve made, will cease to exist. Although you may be ashamed, God is about to use you as a vessel. He’s going to use your shortcomings to help others overcome. At one point, you may have considered yourself to be a complete failure, useless, or worthless even, but when God is done rebooting you, you’ll be better than what you once were. Regardless of how you feel about yourself and life, don’t shutdown! Hit restart, because you’re about to be made anew!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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