Clap until it’s time

I have a lot of wants and desires in life, and being a wife is one of them. One of my favorite shows I used to watch was, Say yes to the dress, on TLC. Several years ago, every Friday I’d tune in with a mental notepad and pen, gathering dress ideas, while dreaming of one day visiting Kleinfeld’s. When not fantasizing about my dress, the wedding party, venue, or budget, I would peruse online looking at the “perfect ring,” while screenshotting the picture to show to my future spouse. I don’t care what you’re thinking, just let me dream in peace, please. Nonetheless, I made sure to have everything carefully thought out, so when my “big day” came, all I had to do was put my plan into motion.

Well, fast forward to present day, and I’m still waiting for love to find me. As I’m waiting, I can’t help but to notice all of the newlyweds and engagements, as I scrolled through my social media. My initial thoughts were, “Now wait a minute, God. Why would you skip over me, to get to her?” Not realizing it was her time, and mine had not yet come. Besides, who knows how long she’s waited or prayed to God for the one. It was easy for me to become upset and jealous, but I couldn’t be mad at someone else’s blessing, because I knew soon, I would get mine.

If we’re honest, it can be rather difficult and upsetting, watching your goals and dreams, be fulfilled by someone else. We see the nice car, beautiful family, mega homes, and luxurious life, but not too often do we see how long it took for them to get those things. Rather than sit anxiously waiting and questioning, “When will I get what I want?” be happy and clap until it’s your time!

When you see your family and friends winning, cheer! There’s no reason to hate, when what you’ve prayed for is on the way.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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