Play until you win

When I was a young girl, I’d often wonder how God determines who is born with a silver spoon in their mouths, and those who aren’t. As I grew older, that thought remained, and my inquisition had become filled with many more questions. My concern now, was not so much the thought of ones pedigree or lack thereof, but their struggles, or if they even had any. Obviously, I know we all have gone through or will go through some hard times in life, but have you ever wondered what makes someone else’s journey more difficult than others? Seriously, have you ever encountered an individual who was met with such adversity and opposition, you thought to yourself, “Man, what did they do?” Or perhaps, you’re one of the privileged ones, who’s not easily moved or affected by someone else’s misfortunes, because your fortune has afforded you a lot.

This post is not intended to make anyone feel bad about their good life and wealth, whether it was inherited or worked for, so please take no offense. It’s easy to become angry when people are treated better, because they bear a prominent last name, and although you may be looked down upon, that’s no reason to quit the game! What I want people to take away from this is that no matter the hand you were dealt, you can either fold under pressure or play until you win. It may take some time, so don’t expect to hit the jackpot immediately, but don’t you dare expect to lose!

We all know that life will be easy for some and difficult for others, but don’t let the difficulty keep you from turning it into something great, even if it wasn’t from the start.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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