Sit up

Have you ever walked in a room, and quickly realized you we’re bigger than it and everything it contained? I have, and I say that as the most humbling, sincere, and confident person I am. No shade to anyone in my past or present, but I’ve often found myself shrinking who I am, so others can be comfortable or feel better about who they are. As vibrant as my personality and smile is, I used to take a seat in the corner and hide in obscurity, so the people I was with could shine, although my light refused to go out. Eventually, this caused discord, tension, and ending years’ long friendships. I was very upset, because I couldn’t figure out how I could go from having a friend of 20 years to an enemy in 1 day. Especially considering we were both successful and thriving in our own right. The saddest thing out of it all, was not the fact that the friendships had ended, but the fact that I didn’t even fight for them to continue. In one way or another, I guess you could say I was tired of robbing people the opportunity to get to know me, because others were afraid they’d like me. When I knew God’s purpose for my life, there was no way I was going to allow anyone to stop it. I didn’t ask for this light, but since God gave it to me, I might as well let it shine!

Hey you! Yes, you! Sit up! Stop sliding low in your chair, trying to disappear, because someone isn’t happy that you’re there! You deserve to be seen, because the very light you carry, is going to help someone through their darkness.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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  1. Nice read. The last paragraph got me smiling.

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