Tired of showing up

I have a mental health wellness journal, where I record my thoughts, feelings, and overall daily self-care. One of the things in particular the journal asks is, “What is something good that happened today?” I always avoid this question, because for the most part, things have not been that good for me, as of late. However, I finally stopped running and answered, “A good thing that happened today, is I didn’t give up.” No matter how difficult things have been, how bad my day has gone, or how mentally and physically lethargic I’ve been, I continue to show up each and everyday, even when I’m too tired to.

For those of you who are overwhelmed from work, parenting, school, financial hardships, mental or physical exhaustion, and continue to perform your best and be present everyday, kudos to you! It takes a lot of courage and strength to continue to keep going, even when you don’t have the energy to. You will have days in which you are up and then down, and don’t feel bad when you do. When you have those feelings, allow yourself to experience them, instead of putting on a united front, and pretending to be heroic. It’s one thing to be a hero, but it’s another thing when you’re the one who needs saving.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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