Better than the former

Where you once lacked, God is about to bless you abundantly. Everything that you’ve lost, was taken from you, or withheld from you, God is going to give it back, plus so much more! I’m pretty sure you may feel what you’re up against contradicts everything I’ve said, but don’t believe the lies. What’s coming your way is going to be way better than the former! Get prepared for increase, restoration, abundance, and favor, so that way, when it comes, you’ll know exactly what to do! Don’t let anyone remind you of what’s passed, or try to hold you hostage to the idea that because things have been as they have for so long, they’ll remain that way. It won’t! Whatever you’re seeking God for, believe that you already have it! The naysayers may question your sanity or call you foolish, but I call it having faith!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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