Departing for success

Before you embark upon the new year, leave all of the old stuff God is ridding you of, right here! All of the things that have weighed you down and kept you bound, throw them overboard, because they can’t come aboard the new journey God has for you. So many people and things we want to hold onto and take along with us, can’t go where we’re going. We feel because we’ve been with them forever, and have had those things for an eternity, we can’t depart from them, not realizing, success often comes at the time of departure. Sometimes in life, God will close doors, that just so happen to house the people we were once connected to. There are many reasons for their closing, but no matter the reason, don’t you be the reason they open again.

When God pulls you from one direction, it’s because He’s about to redirect you to a better one! Go where God’s calling you, not where someone is leading you, because they could be leading you the wrong way!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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