Made to watch

Right now, you might not have a lot going on in your life, or feel as though no one notices you. You might see yourself as a tiny speck in God’s ariel view of things, but I guarantee you, He sees you. Not only does He see you, but He’s going to make sure everyone else does as well. All of your obedience, faithfulness, and hard work, will soon pay off. In fact, you’ll be such a hot commodity, people will have to pay-per-view, just to see what God is about to do in your life. Who cares if you’ve been overlooked by people, as long as you haven’t been overlooked by God. The tears, trials, and pain, was used to produce in you, something so great, that anyone would deem it made for tv. However, the only thing any of it has made you, is strong!

Whatever you’re going through now, let people continue to laugh and make fun of your low points, because when God raises you up, they’ll be made to watch!

Deetra La’Rue

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