Glorious story

I’ve shared a million and one times my life story, and how extremely hard and difficult things have been for me. However, no matter how much I’ve wished them to be different, I’m thankful and grateful that things have turned out as they have. While I hate how my struggles hurt me, I love the way they’ve helped and made me so much better. I’m always flattered when people want to praise me for overcoming my trials and tribulations, but I’m quick to tell them, “God gets the Glory, I just have the story!” I really don’t have a lot to say regarding what He’s done, because I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard it numerous times anyway, but what I want people to know more than anything, is there isn’t anything that God can’t do, except lie and fail!

Don’t give up, no matter what! Continue to allow Him to add to your story!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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