A bigger view

I grew up extremely poor, having lived in hotels, and homes completely unfit for any human. While I knew I was poor (as if my life wasn’t evident enough), I also knew that I was rich, and very rich, I must add. It didn’t matter what I lived in, the hell I went through, or being in constant lack, because I always had a bigger view in how I saw myself. Financially, I was struggling, but mentally, I was thriving, and honestly, that’s what kept me alive and going. I knew things eventually would get better, although I didn’t know when. Rather than resign to the idea or other people’s notion that my family would always be on welfare or struggling, I constantly reminded myself that, where I am now, is most definitely not where I’ll end up. Ultimately, I had to change how I viewed myself and situation, because had I not, I won’t say I’d still be where I once was, but I don’t think I’d be as far as I am now.

I’ve always been given the side eye for dreaming, thinking, and believing big. During the times of my misfortunes, what I was going through, never aligned with my grand thinking, which is probably why most people thought I was crazy. However, I knew otherwise, because I saw what they couldn’t see, and that was me being bigger than what I was. “Things aren’t looking so great now,” I’m pretty sure are the thoughts of many, especially considering the fact that I share my present struggles quite often with you all. However, if you’re using my present situation to see how far you think I’ll go in life, you should consider readjusting your view. Sometimes, you can’t see big things for others, because you can’t see them for yourself.

You may have $20 in your bank account, and think that you’re poor, but you’re not. It’s your thinking that is!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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