Necessary heat

Have you ever sat back, looked over your life, and reminisced on all the things that almost took you out, but didn’t? I do, time and time again, because I know that I could very easily not be here, but because I am, that alone lets me know, my story is not over yet, and neither is yours! What you’ve gone through, absolutely matters, but what matters the most, is how you come out of it. It’s so easy to be angry, bitter, and come out raising hell, because you “had to go through hell,” just to get to where you are. However, that heat was necessary for the your refining process. I’m sure no one wants to hear this, particularly those who are currently going through the fire, but sometimes, it’s going to take you being stripped of everything, to where you’re literally down to nothing, before you can see any change take place. You’ve got to understand, that not only is your situation changing, but so are you!

There are a number of us, who like to think that we are perfect, and incapable of being broken, until God uses a situation to. However, we all can use a little improvement. So, stop complaining about the heat, because it’s doing exactly what it is supposed to do, create a better version of you. Be patient, and try not to focus on the process, but what it’ll produce, because no matter how hot things gets, God can and will cool your situation!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

One response to “Necessary heat”

  1. Yes, he is capable of calming  any situation; it is only a  matter of time.


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