Break before you quit

“Hey, I did it! I’m (getting) out of Nursing School,” was the text I received December 02, 2021. “Oh my gosh! Congratulations!! I’m beyond proud of you, and always knew you could and would do it,” was my response. I was completely elated and happy for my former student, because I was supposed to have received that text message December 2020, but life got in her way. It’s amazing, because my students have always told me how much I inspire and motivate them, yet her success inspired me all the more, to continue to keep on going, no matter what gets in my way! As a wife and mother of three children, she had faced much opposition, and at one point, didn’t think she’d be able to see graduation day.

However, rather than allow life’s difficulties to potentially cost her her dreams, she simply decided to take a step back. Many of us have been or are currently in this situation. Our plates are full, and we know if there is anything else added, we’d literally burst at the seams. Because we think we are superheroes, and righteously, we are, we feel we can do it all. However, if we’re honest with ourselves, oftentimes, we can’t. Instead of allowing the situation to becoming overwhelming, it’s necessary that we take a break, but not quit. Besides, quitting not only delays the gratification, it slows down the process. Although she chose to delay the process, she was still able to reach success, because she never gave up!

There are going to be times you have to step back, but when you’re done getting things together, make sure to step back in and keep going. Her success is definitely overdue, but if you keep at what you’re doing, while allowing for breaks in between, in due time you’ll get the reward!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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