Life is still good

“How can you say life is good, when all that you’ve experienced is anything but?” I’m asked that question every now and then, and the reason my response hasn’t changed, is because things could be much worse. Granted things have not worked in my favor lately, but my faith, optimism, and hope in God, assures me all the more, that life is still good, in spite of the bad. Besides, life’s goodness isn’t always measured by how well things are going, but the not so well things I’ve gone through and overcome, and trust me, I’ve overcome a whole lot! I’m very fortunate and blessed to have been afforded the wonderful things I do have, and when I become upset over how unfair or difficult things have been for me, I’m quickly reminded that where I am, is a fulfilled prayer from where I used to be!

Maybe life is rough for you, but even so, it’s still good. Need proof? Just jog your memory. I’m convinced that you’d soon agree with me!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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