Who I became

I find it rather funny at times, how I’ve always willingly asked God to use me to help others, until it started to hurt me. Some people have proclaimed the very statement as I had done, not because it sounded good, but it made them look good. While I didn’t do it for likes or to be admired, I did it, because innately I’m a caring person, and genuinely want to help others. I didn’t realize when I volunteered to be a vessel, it would change my life, increase and challenge my faith, but it would shape me into a person I thought I’d never become. As a result of my fiery trials, I’ve become so much more patient, humble, and extremely empathetic towards people and their situations, but not that I wasn’t before.

I don’t get as angry as I used to, I don’t feel the need to seek revenge on those who’ve wronged me, I’ve gained so much self-control, and most importantly, my attitude has changed. For me, being used is two-fold. Not only am I going through the fire to help others escape theirs, but that very fire is refining me to be better, and preparing me to receive God’s best! What we fail to understand is that, a lot of the things we go through aren’t necessarily for us, but sometimes God will use them to make us better. Whatever you’re going through may be tough, but it’s shaping you to become who God has called you to be! You might not always understand God’s way of doing things, but do understand that His process, will only lead to your progress.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

One response to “Who I became”

  1. For the Lord our God said his plans is to prosperous us, giving us hope!

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