The End

This year has undeniably been the worst year of my life! Every emotion across the spectrum, I’ve experienced, with most of them being on the bad end. Hit after hit, I’ve taken nothing but losses, and came very close to losing my mind. There were days I didn’t know if I wanted to live orContinue reading “The End”

A different response

We’re always talking about change, yet there are times we never really want it; we just like the idea of it. I used to have a student that would come to my office just about everyday, always complaining about her circumstances, and how it was her siblings fault, that she was going through such aContinue reading “A different response”

Give it to God

I can remember looking through some photos on Instagram, when I cam across an image of God and a little girl, holding onto an old, torn, stuffed teddy bear. She loved the bear and wanted to hold onto it, because she had it for so long, and couldn’t dare part with it. Meanwhile, God wasContinue reading “Give it to God”

Departing for success

Before you embark upon the new year, leave all of the old stuff God is ridding you of, right here! All of the things that have weighed you down and kept you bound, throw them overboard, because they can’t come aboard the new journey God has for you. So many people and things we wantContinue reading “Departing for success”

Loved by you

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, and I’m sure there are a lot of people in this world, who probably didn’t. Not so much that they were missing a loved one, but because they didn’t have anything to give them. Although it’s easy to get lost and caught up in the holiday season, and thinkContinue reading “Loved by you”

Bring the memories back

While most of us are looking forward to tomorrow, I’m sure there are those of us who aren’t. Holidays can be very hard, especially when you’re without the ones you love and miss. It’s been six months since I’ve lost my dad, and there’s not a day that doesn’t pass by, without him on myContinue reading “Bring the memories back”

Take the pen back

A lot of times, your lack of qualifications doesn’t disqualify you, you do. Sometimes, you’ll allow rejection to re-program you mind into thinking and believing you’re not good enough, when you’re more than good. You’ve probably been ridiculed or told you’ll never be or amount to anything, and sadly, you believe it. However, the onlyContinue reading “Take the pen back”

Pardon Me

That imaginary jail cell you have confined the people who’ve hurt you to, unlock the doors and release them at once. Whether it’s five or ten years of hurt you’ve been holding onto, while punishing them for it, now is the time to pardon them. You don’t have to forget what they said or did,Continue reading “Pardon Me”