Worth the wait

It took me longer than anticipated, but I finally got it done. I am so excited, happy, and proud to say, I have yet another book on Amazon! Never in a million years, did I think I’d have two books on one of the largest platforms in the world, let alone one. More times thanContinue reading “Worth the wait”

He constantly stayed

When your spouse left, because the love was no longer there, because of His love for you, God stayed. When your money ran out, so did the people, but because of His love for you, God stayed. When your family disowned you and stopped coming around, because of His love for you, God stayed. WhenContinue reading “He constantly stayed”

Through the roof

We all know that God can make a way, out of no way, but do you know, so can you? All you need is faith. In some areas of your life, you’ve become lame, stuck, or stagnant. No matter how long you’ve been this way, what you’ve tried to do to get out, or changeContinue reading “Through the roof”

Tag team

Am I the only one who loved watching WWE? I’m sure I’m not alone on this. My favorite wrestler then, and even now, is the Undertaker! Not only was his wrestling moves fire, but so was his intro. Seriously, who do you know would show up to a fight, in a casket? Aside from hisContinue reading “Tag team”

You can’t miss it

If you’re generous to the less fortunate, especially when you aren’t in a position to give, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. If you’re always supporting others, even though it’s not reciprocated, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. If you put others and their needs before yours, and it causes you to lack, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Your generosity,Continue reading “You can’t miss it”

No limits

As I gear up for the release of my new book, not only am I excited to complete yet another milestone in my life, but I’m beyond excited with what this book is going to do for the lives of others. This book was supposed to have been completed and released almost a year ago,Continue reading “No limits”