Stay right there

A woman I’ve been knowing for a very long time, had issues with management at her previous job. Having received no complaints from customers, management, or staff, she presumed she was doing a job well done. A year into her role, issues arose, which quickly caused her eyebrows to raise. Within months, she was targeted, had become uncomfortable, and felt the environment was no longer welcoming. Although things were adding up, the math wasn’t quite right. It appeared that one day she was in, and the next day she was out. Furious, but not caught off guard, she had begun to plan her moment of revenge. While she was not out for blood, she sought out to make those hurt, just as they had done her.

In the midst of her planning, God advised her to do absolutely nothing. In fact, He commanded that she stay right there where she was, and allow Him to do the work. Although it wasn’t easy, she obliged, walked away, and never looked back. A lot of times we want to get back at those who’ve wronged or hurt us, because we want them to feel as we have, if not worse. Because we choose not to act or retaliate towards them, they feel as though they’ve gotten away, but in reality they haven’t. Exodus 14:14 reminds us that “Jesus will fight for you. You need only to be still (NLT).” So, whatever it is you’re thinking about doing or saying to the person that has hurt you, don’t. Just stay right there where you are, and let God handle it all.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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