The other side

Does it seem as though the storms are lasting longer, with no signs of hope in sight?

Have your cloudy days blocked the sun rays, making it impossible for you to see the light?

Has your joy been drowned in the river of your tears, and anxiety has smothered your will?

Are you overwhelmed by the negative thoughts running rampant in your mind, and wish for once they’d all be still?

Are you tired of trying, only to make progress, and get setback more steps than you took?

Do you sometimes feel neglected and wonder if anyone cares, because too often you’ve been overlooked?

Are you discouraged by the wait, and don’t believe things will change, because the truth has somehow been buried underneath all the lies?

Or are you starting to question if you have what it takes, to make it to the other side?

It’s never too late to get to where you’re going, but first you’ve got to get going! Success, joy, promotion, marriage, great health, and so much more, is still reserved for you. Don’t allow fear, anxiety, hopelessness, or setbacks to set you back! Get back up and keep on going!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue   

One response to “The other side”

  1. ladywan0600gmailcom Avatar

    Excellent words of encouragement and motivation!❤️

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