Connect the dots

I believe there are people in this world we are meant to be connected to, and others we’re not. When we link with the wrong people, we tend to experience delays, setbacks, and are often influenced to go against everything we know to be right, just so we can be with someone who we know is wrong for us. These types of connections are detrimental to your progress, journey, and assignment, and if you choose not to break loose, they may end up breaking you. As a result of your drive, ambition and tenacity, you’ll sometimes cross paths with the wrong people, who seem to have the right agenda. All of your ideas align, your goals and thinking are the same, so much so, you start to believe you were meant to be connected, only for you to later determine, “Something isn’t adding up.”

Not only are things not adding up, nor is that person adding any value to your life. If anything, they’re taking from you, things they know they could never have for themselves. Some people are only connected to you, because of who you are, and what you can do for them. While I don’t believe everyone to be bad or have ulterior motives, I do believe some people are bad for you. I know you want to remain attached to them, because you feel they can help you out, advance your career, or put you in contact with the right people, but God is your biggest connect, and when the time is right, He’s going to bring all the pieces (and people) you need in your life, together.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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