Destiny Robbers

Am I the only one who is excited and want to share their good news with everyone? I’m talking about the kind of excitement that causes your insides to burn, and the only way to make it stop, is to spill the beans. However, sometimes the things you let out, are meant to be kept in. Whenever I share with anyone “what God has told or showed me about my life,” I’m naturally met with raised eyebrows, rolling of the eyes, jealousy, or questions regarding my sanity, and it’s probably because they don’t believe me, or God. I’m reminded of Joseph, not the earthly father of Jesus, and how he always shared with his brothers the visions God had given him. I’m not sure if he thought they’d be excited for him or not, but spoiler alert, they weren’t. In fact, they hated and envied him. In an attempt to shut him up and rob him of his God-given destiny, they sold him into slavery, and then concocted a story and told their father, Jacob, that he had been killed and devoured by an animal in the wild.

While the brothers thought they had gotten away, but more importantly, killed Joseph’s dream, all they did was lead him straight to it. What happened to Joseph was all a part of God’s plan, and no matter what his brothers did to destroy it, he still managed to live it out in the end. It took him going through hell to get there, but just like his vision, his brothers still had to bow in the end. I’ve always heard people say, “Don’t tell everyone your dreams, because they’ll try to ruin them.” Initially, I didn’t believe that, because I’ve always maintained and believed that whatever God has for me is mine, and nothing anyone says or does can change that, and Joseph’s story is proof. Nonetheless, your enemies will try to do everything within their power to throw you off course and kill you, so your dream dies too. However, no matter how hard they try or the extent that go to rob you of your destiny, they can’t have what God gave to you.

Be cautious when sharing your good news, because not everyone wants to hear it.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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