The ugly side

The promise is always better than the process. It may take you awhile to get to it, but eventually you will. I used to side eye people who professed the patience and joy they had, as they awaited the birth of a new season. For them, waiting was “easy” and they did it without complaints, because they knew the end would be better than the beginning. “I count it all joy, because I know God is going to victoriously bring me out, so I’m happy to endure, as I go through many trials and tribulations.” While I didn’t think they were necessarily being entirely truthful, I always wondered if I’d ever get to that point. Without any hesitation or reservation, I will admit that I’ve been very bitter, angry, doubtful, and anything but joyful, during my seasons of waiting. Considering the severity of my situation, there was no way you could convince me to wait patiently with excitement, when I didn’t have anything to be enthused about.

Despite not having enthusiasm, one thing I do have is faith. I’m sure like many of you, there are many things you have prayed and hoped for, and because you don’t see it, you think it’s not coming. In some cases, that may be true, especially if it’s not what God has for you. Nonetheless, you’ve got to keep praying. It doesn’t matter what your situation looks like, or what it looks like God isn’t doing, keep praying. It can be hard to do, especially during trying times. In the midst of your doubt, worrying, and questioning God, you’ve got to smile and pretend nothing is going on, even though you and everything around you is slowly coming undone. That’s the ugly side of waiting on answered prayers that people don’t often tell you about.

No matter how ugly things get, something “pretty” amazing is on the horizon!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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