My oldest sister loves luxury, designer, high-end, high-quality things. While she is not materialistic, she is a woman who gets what she wants, especially if she has the means to do so. For quite some time, I’ve known she’s wanted a particular luxury purse. As a result of it being in high demand, she hasn’t being able to get her hands on it. Nonetheless, she continued her search for it. After some time had passed, lo and behold, she was able to find the bag, but still unable to get it. I don’t remember the exact reason why, whether it be the bag was out of stock or there were only a few of them, and too many people to accommodate for the shortage. Whatever the reason, she was waitlisted.

I know waiting for something you’ve wanted for so long, can be hard to do. However, you’re to be joyful and wait with excitement, because you know eventually you’re going to get it. I’m sure my sister is ecstatic, because in a short while, she’ll be getting something she’s wanted for quite some time.

Do you feel like you’ve been waitlisted by God? For years, you’ve prayed to Him for financial increase, a husband, wife, children, healing, a house, a car, and a better job, only to find yourself still without it. When you look around, you see everyone getting what you’ve desired, and you’re left wondering, “God, when will it be my turn?” You start to feel as though He’s forgotten about you, and nothing you’ve prayed for will ever come to pass. Besides, you’ve been praying for it for so long and you still don’t have it, so you think, maybe it wasn’t intended for you.

Oh, but it is! Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It is and always has. It’s just making its way to you. Until then, you too can wait with excitement, because you know, after awhile, God will remove you from the waitlist.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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