I remember

Tomorrow is 9/11, and I remember it as if it happened on yesterday.

I remember exactly where I was, when we we’re under attack.

I remember all the horrific and bloody images that scrolled across the television screen.

I remember the alarming number of deaths, and people that not only lost their lives in the attack, but the ones who risked theirs to help.

I remember America being in complete turmoil and mourning.

I remember the chaos and feelings of fear, and uncertainty, that ensued thereafter.

I remember people being afraid to fly, because they thought their plane would be hijacked.

I remember asking God, “Why?” However, more than anything, I remember Him getting us through such a horrific time as that. This country is no stranger to adversity and we’ve dealt with a lot of unimaginable things, particularly C-19. Although we’ve been through it all, God has been right there with us, and 20 years to the date later, He’s still here.

Remembering all the people who lost their lives in the attacks! #9/11

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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