Peddling nowhere

Have you ever seen someone struggling to ride a bike up a hill, only for them to continuously roll back down? No matter how many times they tried, it seemed as if they were peddling nowhere? Had you stuck around long enough, what do you supposed happened next? They finally made it to the top, or they quit after many failed attempts? If you went with the aforementioned, you’re probably right. If you went with the latter, you’re probably the cyclist. For most of your life, you’ve struggled. Whether you’ve struggled with poverty, loving yourself, finding the right job, your finances, finishing school, getting pregnant, quitting a bad habit, drinking, gambling, and the list goes on and on. Most of us have struggled, and while some people have overcome, there are still others struggling to make it through. They’ve been peddling for years, and still haven’t managed to make it anywhere. After seeing so many people happily pass them, especially the ones that where with them in the struggle, they begin to wonder if they’ll ever get the chance to joy ride. In order to find out, they mustn’t stop peddling. Don’t quit because you think you haven’t gotten anywhere. Take a look around you. I guarantee you aren’t in the position you were in 5 years ago. You’ve made progressed, just not at the speed in which you were hoping.

It doesn’t matter how great the struggle, what’s important, is that you never stop peddling. Don’t worry about those who’ve gone on ahead of you. Focus on climbing the hill that’s ahead of you. Once you make it to the top, pause and help someone else up.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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