I am a huge movie fan, particularly action-packed and suspense, and whenever I get the chance, I watch Netflix to catch up on the latest releases. A little over a month ago, I watched Ice Road, an action-packed, suspenseful movie, directed by Johnathan Hensling, starring Liam Neesom and Laurence Fishburne, two of the more notable actors. In a nutshell, the movie takes place in Canada, with several truck drivers, braving the freezing cold and ice roads, to deliver an important part, that is crucial to the survival of trapped miners, who are fighting a gas leak. The drivers not only fought through the frigid weather to save the miners, but they fought attackers sent by the corrupt insurance company, who didn’t want to be ousted as being the reason for the mine explosion, and the deaths of many of the miners.

No matter how many oppositions the truckers encountered, they fought through it all. Driving those ice roads proved to be some of their darkest and toughest moments, but they knew it was imperative to get that piece delivered. While on the brink of death, the truckers delivered the part just in time for the remaining miners. Once installed, the gas leak was fixed, and the miners were able to breath again. Had the truckers not been persistent, and the miners didn’t have a will to live, things could’ve ended very differently. Have you been on an ice road or gone down a slippery slope? How many of you would be willing to unashamedly admit, you’ve been in some pretty tight spaces, with little to no breathing room? Whether it be no money to pay your rent, bills, buy food, or going without health insurance and a job, your situation was starting to suffocate you. You didn’t know if you’d survive or ever come up for air. It seems so many things were obstructing your airwave, and regardless of the attacks the enemy sent to stop you from breathing, God always intervened, and He always will.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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