Angry with God

Quite often, I receive text messages, phone calls, and “notes” of thanks, from people stating how my posts have made a difference in their lives, inspired, or motivated them. While I am appreciative of the love and don’t mind the admiration, I also don’t mind sharing that, I’m not responsible for anything written on this blog. What you read is not a result of my creativity, but God’s ability to work through me, to not only bring hope, but people closer to Him. Some people have become estranged from God, because He didn’t answer a prayer, allowed their parent or child to get sick, didn’t stop them from losing their job, didn’t prevent a catastrophe from happening, or won’t end the pandemic, and the list goes on.

However, I can go on and on about how, “God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever ask or think of”(Ephesians 3:20). It doesn’t matter what it is, He can do it. It doesn’t matter what your situation looks like, He can change it. It doesn’t matter what you need, He can provide. It doesn’t matter what you did, He forgives. It doesn’t matter who you were, He only cares about who you are. Whatever your gripe is, don’t be angry with God. Whatever you’ve lost will be given to you again…times a hundred-fold. Just think, if Job can lose everything he had but his mind, and still praise God, why can’t you?

If your situation looks bad to you, ask God what He thinks? I guarantee, He’ll think it’s nothing He can’t handle!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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