Out of alignment

Many, many years ago, I, along with some family members, were in a bad car accident. We were injured and pretty sore, but thank God I survived to tell it. Some days following, if not a week, I had to go to a Chiropractor for therapy. My neck was stiff and sore, and I could barely move it, but my back required the most attention. I can remember very vividly, a constant burning sensation, followed by pain, that started from the top of my shoulders, moved down my spine, and ended at the lower part of my back. In other words, my back was bent out of shape and required realignment.

I was reluctant to go, because I could barely tolerate the pain, let alone being put through more. I’ll admit, I was not a happy camper, because those sensory treatments I received, felt like thousands of tiny ants eating away at my back. I had to frequently use cold compress packets, and although they gave me relief, they didn’t give me what I needed. This continued for weeks, and once complete, I was thankful to resume my normal activities, and the adjustment to my back, was just what I needed. Just think, had I not been realigned, I probably wouldn’t be able to stand up straight or sit down without discomfort.

I love storytelling, and although you might question the need for this one, let me tell you the moral of it. When we are out of alignment with what God has called us to do, we will experience pain and discomfort. It can last for weeks, months, and years even, but until we do what we’re required to do, the longer it’ll take for God to give us relief. If you’re tired of your life being bent out of shape, and you want to get over the hump, God is the perfect adjustor! Get into alignment, and watch Him move!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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