Too crowded

I’m am extremely claustrophobic, and have a constant fear of being trapped. If I’m on the elevator and more than 3 people join me, I’ve got to get off, even if it isn’t my stop. I cringe every time I drive to Atlanta, because I’m almost always stuck in rush hour traffic, which makes me nervous, as my eyes become zoned in on the car behind me and ones besides me, as I watch them slowly box me in. “I don’t know why people want to live here, because it’s way too crowded,” is what I’d often say, while praying God opens up another lane. My breathing become heavy and palms slip off the steering wheel from sweat, because I just know at any moment, someone is going to hit me. As I quote scriptures and sing hymns (don’t judge me), I let out a sigh of relief, as traffic starts to move, and I quickly move out of the way.

If we’re not too careful, sometimes our lives can become too crowded, when we allow everyone and everything in. Always wanting to be superwoman/man, we take on a lot, because we feel we can do it all, when all we’re doing is hurting ourselves, and creating issues that can be avoided. Isn’t it amazing how it takes everything in us to say no, yet it also takes everything out of us, when we say yes? I always thought I could do a million things at one time, until it took one time for me to realize, I’m not as strong as I think. I know when I’ve had enough, and more importantly, I know when things have become a little too much for me.

It’s okay to say no, and not feel guilty for doing so. Don’t allow your “cape” to create space you don’t have. When things become crowded, don’t just sit there, move!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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