Share the wealth

What is that one thing you’re good at, but refuse to do anything with? Are you a gifted vocalist, but shy away from singing? Are you an exceptional writer (I know I am), but haven’t written one book? Are you great at motivating, but don’t offer any words of encouragement to someone who’s in need? Whatever it is you’re amazing at, share the wealth! God has given us all, and I mean ALL, of us a gift. It’s selfish to reserve it for yourself, when it was given so that others could benefit. Perhaps you don’t share, because you feel what you have to offer doesn’t measure up to someone else’s, but if it were as insignificant as you pretend it to be, God wouldn’t have given it to you. There’s no way He’d give you anything invaluable, when you are the most valuable thing to Him.

I couldn’t fathom or begin to imagine, the many gifted people all over this world, who are holding onto something someone else needs. I love writing, for many reasons, but the most important would be me using my God-given gift to impact and help others. A lot of people don’t consider writing to be a gift, because they consider it to be a hobby, however, I don’t write leisurely for pleasure. I write because it’s my purpose. I’m purposed to motivate, encourage, and inspire people, by way of God’s word.

What are you purposed to do? Better yet, what’s the purpose in having a gift, if you aren’t going to gift it to someone else?

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

One response to “Share the wealth”

  1. If we are to share the wealth, that should be done voluntarily, not by government dictate.


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