Dangerous Dreams

My dreams are so big, that even they scare me. I often question if I should downscale them, but it’s only because of others disbelief. However, as a result of my belief, faith and confidence in God, I know the dreams He’s placed on the inside of me, are going to come to pass. Most people can’t handle that, and sadly, won’t accept it either. This will often come in the form of jealousy, sabotaging, and no support, something I so desperately thought I needed. When I had released my first book, “Glitter but no gold: How I turned my wounds into wisdom,” I was so excited, because I just new everybody was going to show their support for me, which ended up not being the case.

Although I was extremely thankful and grateful for everyone that came to my book signing, I was shocked and saddened, that so many people opted to not come. I’m sure they had their reasons, and just maybe my event was the reason, or perhaps they knew the dreams I had constantly boasted about, was finally coming to fruition. I knew at that moment, that I had some seriously dangerous dreams, but I also knew the dangerous opposition that was ahead. However, it never stopped me from dreaming, although they tried too. In fact, I’ve had so many people to laugh at my dreams, call them nonsense, and even wish I didn’t have them, but I’m glad that I do.

I’ve had many “Joseph” moments, and I’ve realized that, no matter the excitement I have from the visions and dreams God has given me, I can’t tell everyone, because they are just too dangerous for them to handle.

Don’t allow someone’s disbelief in your dreams, to cause you not to have them.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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