Authorized Personnel Only

Everyone can’t have access to you! That’s why God will hide you, or end relationships with people, because He can see what you can’t. He can see that “good thing” you’re convinced you have, is actually a bad thing. He can see the jealousy, betrayal, and most of all, He can see what’s best for you. He can see you that you’ve become distracted, so in order for Him to regain control and your focus, He’ll restrict their access. God has a plan and assignment for your life, and rather than allow you to abort the mission, He’ll get rid of them. God won’t allow anything or anyone to get in the way of what He has for you, not even you. Everyone who surrounds themselves around, doesn’t always have good intentions. It may start out that way, but once they see what God has for you, they don’t want you to have it.

Stop giving everyone access to you, until you access why they want it!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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