Time for check-up

Hey NOTE takers! I miss blogging, but I’m still on assignment and can’t quite return until I complete it. There have been days I wanted to give up and run back to what I’m familiar with, but because of who God has created me to be, I’m challenged (and expected) to do better. I’m currently going through a pruning phase, and until now, I didn’t realize how much time consuming it is. No matter how much I try to rush the process, or beg God to hurry up and get me through, He replied, “I will, but you’ve got to be patient and trust me.” To me, that’s where the difficulty lie, being patient. I’ve been patient for a very long time (too long if you ask me). I’ve been seeking fulfillment, purpose, and clarity, but the only thing that God’s made clear, is the fact that I must wait. I’ve prayed repeatedly and fasted incessantly, and although I have yet to get what I am seeking, I can’t stop until I do, and neither should you.

When I find myself wanting to cease with my prayer requests, I am reminded of the story in the Gospel of Luke 18:1-8, about a widow, who relentlessly petitioned an unjust Judge for justice. Although he was extremely incompassionate and repeatedly was unwilling to grant her requests, she persisted and consistently asked, because I presume, at some point, she knew he’d have to say yes. If you’re familiar with the parable, you know he did eventually render her a yes, but not because he wanted to. More than anything, what he wanted was for her to stop badgering him, and if the only way to get her to stop, was for him to give in, then he gave her what she wanted. Do you see the moral of the story? No matter how many times you’re told no, or how long you have to keep asking, the goal is to never stop, until you get what you want.    

The widow’s situation is probably no different from yours, except she was dealing with an unjust Judge, whereas you’re dealing with a Judge who rains on the just as well as the unjust. Like her, you too, must be consistently persistent, and continue to petition God with your requests. It can be daunting at times, and you might even feel as though you’re bothering Him, but He’d much rather you give it to Him, than burden yourself and others with it. Besides, if you give your worries to your family and friends, you’ll always have them, but if you cast your worries upon God, you’ll never have to worry again.

Thank you, for everyone that are still hanging on and coming back to read my past “notes,” while anticipating (and waiting on) new ones. I’m still going through it but not just for me, but for you as well. Remember, sometimes, we’ve got to hurt, in order to help others heal.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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