I don’t want it

I find it so cute, yet funny, when I see a baby being fed. When their mom or dad is feeding them something they enjoy, they’ll clap their hands, bounce up and down, and even make a face of contentment. On the contrary, if you feed them something they don’t like, they’ll close their mouth, and shake their head no. We’ve all been through this phase, and sometimes, I feel as though I’m still in it. The only difference, God is the “baby” in me. The things that He desires for me to have, I enjoy and am excited to receive them. When there are things He knows I won’t like and aren’t good for me, He makes it were I’m not “open” to receiving them. If you’re honest, you’ll admit there are some things and people even, particularly relationships, that aren’t good for you, yet you want them still. They’ve shown you on more than one occasion that they are not the one, but you say they are, although God is telling you otherwise. Has it ever dawned on you, that no matter how many times you’ve gotten close, it was always pulled away from you? If you have, thank God, because He was protecting you! Regardless of what it’s concerning, if it’s not what God wants me to have, then I don’t want it either!

Whatever God is telling you to let go of, release it. It just means He has something bigger and better for you!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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