Lay Down

Worrying never does anyone any good. It only causes you stress, mental anguish and more than anything, it keeps you up at night, at least it does me. Not conscience of the time, nor concerned about it, I’ll walk the floor all night long, somehow thinking that’ll solve my problems. Rather than talk to God, I’ll talk out my issues, looking for an opening, hoping it’ll lead me to a way out. Yet the only thing it leads me to, is wondering if things will ever get better or take a turn for the worst. I get the feeling I’m not alone and let me share with you what God did with me, LAY DOWN! Stressing about your situation won’t change it, but God can! Go to bed and let go of the stress, and trust that God will give you rest!

Before you lay down, lay your problems down with God!

Until next time my NOTE takers! Deetra La’Rue

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