Don’t Accept That

I dream like everyone else, and like others, I want my dreams to come true. Around the summer or fall of 2020, I applied for several business loans, because I wanted to successfully start my café and lounge, but I was unsuccessful in acquiring the funds. After some time of crying and questioning why, I shifted my focus from being denied, to seeing how I could be approved. Although I know every company is different and have their own criteria, I wasn’t going to be met with rejection again, and just accept it. Those denials took me back to 2018, when I was working endlessly and tirelessly, to have my first book picked up by a Publisher.

Month, after month, after month, I was constantly being rejected or told “I didn’t have a good book,” but I knew that I did. Had I accepted what they told me, “Glitter but no gold”, would’ve never been self-published, and did as well as it has. For a few years, I begged this well-known influencer/blogger to allow me the chance to write for her platform, but she never granted me the opportunity. That created doubt and fear in me, and made me question, “If that woman didn’t want me to write for her, then I must not be good at it?” However, had I accepted that, I would’ve never created Notes by LaRue. Besides, I didn’t need her validation. God already validated me when He gave me the gift of writing, and the idea to create my own motivational blog. As I reflect on those three years I struggled, I now know why I had too. It not only strengthened me but taught me what I will not accept!

If you didn’t get into the school you wanted, keep applying until you do.

If you didn’t get that promotion at work, keep applying yourself until you do.

If you didn’t get approved for that business loan, keep applying until you do.

I know it’s so easy to give up, when you’re constantly being told no, but no matter how times you’re met with rejection, don’t accept that!

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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