I do not consent

Yesterday, I was cursed out! Not once, but twice! I wasn’t offended in the least bit. If anything, I found it to be quite comical. Although there was no humor in the individual lacing me with profanity, it was humorous that they thought they had the power to readjust my thermostat, because theirs was turned up too high. In other words, no one can change my attitude, without me giving consent. While the old me would’ve lost my job, because I would’ve verbally fought back, the new me knew one thing to be certain. That situation I was pulled in, was not an “I thing,” but a “they thing,” because, I had nothing to do with what they were going through. I just so happen to be the one to “get it,” and boy did I. Yet again, I didn’t take it personal. Instead, I thought it to be so sad, that they allowed their circumstances to alter their behavior, and was upset when it had no effect on mine.

Reason being, I’m at a comfortable place in my life, where I’m not bothered with things (or people) that don’t bother me. I could’ve easily stooped to that person’s level, but why would I, when I’m on a higher one?

Never forget, discontented people need your consent to change you, because without it, they can’t do anything.

Until next time my NOTE takers!

Deetra La’Rue

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